Shantae J. Edwards is a family oriented, sneaker-loving, New York City-based, Chicago native who is dedicated to personal and professional development. She has been helping people attain these goals, both personally and professionally, through 11 years of work in youth education, marketing, and business consulting. She is the founder of two companies, SJ Strategies & Consulting, LLC and IAMDOPE, Inc. Shantae J.’s May 2016 TEDx Talk, “You Are Enough,” explains exactly how she has been able to spread her message of embracing your own humanity and the humanity of others in order to improve yourself on an individual and on a community basis.

Using her BA in Communications and her MBA with a focus in Marketing, Shantae J. brings her professional and interpersonal skills to the table to give guidance to youth and educators. As a force in business development and the owner of SJ Strategies & Consulting, LLC, Shantae J. is able to incorporate her positive energy into practical skills that companies can utilize to open more doors to success. She provides a range of services from marketing strategy, program development, and public speaking.

As evidenced by her company, IAMDOPE., Inc., or “I Am Dreaming Of Possibilities Everyday”, Shantae J. has a passion for showing people how to reach out and grab the opportunities given to them without fear. She uses tools like self-actualization and positive affirmation to help others see the potential in themselves. As a self-proclaimed passion-pusher, her mottos are, “You matter, always” and “You are magic,” two sentiments she truly believes in.

As a social entrepreneur, Shantae J. is committed to motivating, facilitating, and building relationships for the purposes of accessing equity and social sustainability. She applies these concepts in her own businesses and social endeavors.

For example, IAMDOPE., Inc., serves as a platform that teaches people how to create narratives that build the community up one story at a time through workshops, keynote speaking engagements, and transformative programming. Shantae J. is focused on designing safe spaces to facilitate conversations around self-doubt and shifting the negative stories people tell themselves into stories of positivity. She teaches people how these new stories can activate their self-worth and allow them to step up into their greatness. Shantae J. believes that everyone should live life courageously through bold action and by confronting seemingly impossible endeavors to live their best lives.

Growing up, Shantae J. learned many of the keys that she uses to empower her clients from her mother. These lessons influenced Shantae J. to empower people to improve their lives by being true to themselves and taking ownership of their stories.

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