Shantae J. Edwards is a human, big sister to six siblings, daughter, god moms, aunt, partner, teacher, coach, speaker, passion pusher, first-generation college graduate, MBA holder and sneaker loving Chicago native. Shantae J. is dedicated to exposing, educating, and providing opportunities for people to not only own their stories but understand that they are necessary.

Shantae J. loves empowering people to believe in themselves and overcome their obstacles and fears. In May, 2016, Shantae J. got to present her big idea with her TEDxTalk talk entitled “You. Are. Enough.”

As the founder of  IMDOPE., Inc., a self-empowerment and story-sharing enterprise, Shantae J. has developed a platform designed to create narratives to save humanity one story at a time through workshops, speaking engagements, and transformative programing. Shantae J. is also a Consultant for business strategy, program development and public speaking opportunities.

Shantae J. is also a member of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, she, along with young leaders worldwide implement sustainable projects impacting communities that create a better future through education, environmental, social entrepreneurship and the arts both locally and globally.

Shantae J. believes that everyone should live life courageously through bold action and by taking on impossible endeavors. She is committed to providing a space for individuals to believe and take ownership of their story. She is a “Certified Passion Pusher” and inspirational speaker, using self-expression and empowerment to change the world one high-five at a time and reminding people that they are enough, they matter and so does their story.

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